I come from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners, from my parents to each of my siblings. This has instilled in me a business-minded perspective on my work and my life. They have taught (and still teach) me so much.
My parents (yes, that's my mom in the picture) have owned small businesses, developed franchises, and worked with large businesses.  They gave me the entrepreneurial spirit!


Unlike most people, I am not driven solely by money. Although I know it is essential to provide the lifestyle I want and strive to build, I  feel fulfilled when my contributions make a difference and I learn new things. I love watching a project or task being completed successfully.
Outside of work and professional life, my wife and future family are my biggest motivators. I work hard to provide for them and create the life we want for ourselves.

Work Ethic

I do best in fun, collaborative environments that allow me to constantly learn and apply new information and skills. I am also very efficient when I work alone, which is what I did most of the time while working remotely at Incline Marketing.
I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves and put in a hard day's work (on the computer or out in the field).


5-Year: I plan to open 2-3 small businesses (side-hustles) that I can manage after-hours and cashflow $3-5k per month. I also plan to earn at least a $100k salary as a digital marketer.

10-Year: I plan to own 4-6 investment properties and continue expanding my side businesses. I also want to create or partner in a digital marketing agency focused on SEO, Social Media, Email, and PPC.


I love to help and serve others, whether it is in the workplace, at home, at church, or in my community. As you'll see on my resume page (under volunteering), I spent 2 years of my life, from 19-21 years old, serving others in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Now, I get to spend time each week working with local religious groups and service projects. Alongside my time, I also donate money to local and global charities and humanitarian efforts.


I am an adventure-seeker. I love being outside and doing something that involves a little bit of adrenaline. It could be snowboarding, hiking to a waterfall, or riding motorcycles, you name it.
The hobbies I spend the most time on typically include motorcycles. Every year I go on a week-long trip riding Harley's somewhere in the U.S., following a tradition my dad started 24 years ago. (I've only crashed once!)
Our next trip will be through 4 National Parks in Montana, Idaho, and Canada.