Business & Sales

Uncharted Waters LLC

As you might notice, Uncharted Waters is something that touches everything I do outside of work. It is my personal LLC that I made to house all of my projects and hopefully fuel my future. I chose the name "Uncharted Waters" for two main reasons: 1- It sounds catchy & memorable, and it is a 'play on words' of my last name, and 2- I feel that this journey I am on is truly uncharted. It has no trails and no set direction, but it does have unlimited potential - potential that I truly intend to realize. 

(I'm still working to finalize a logo/branding for this, but it is coming!)

Uncharted Men

I created Uncharted Men, a community of men who want to become something better, because I was tired of being mediocre. I wanted to find a way for average guys, like me, to connect with others who share a common goal—a goal to become the best father, husband, friend, and brother we can be. To reach this goal, I am building this community that thrives in the outdoors, on adventures, and with others. 

D2C Sales

I spent an entire summer knocking doors and learning to sell. I worked for an ADT Home Security dealer and earned over $25,000 in commissions in about 4 months.
This sales experience taught me to many things, like sales tactics and effective listening. It also thickened my skin, especially after being rejected all day (I know, I know. I wouldn't want a handsome guy like me standing on my front porch either).

The Free Collective

I am involved in a business and personal development coaching group called The Free Collective. This group (that I pay to be part of) is organized and hosted by Ian Wendt, a successful entrepreneur that got his career started in sales and then quickly grew into marketing. Now he is the founder and owner of Official Patriot Gear, a patriotic clothing brand based out of Rexburg, Idaho.

I attend weekly calls and occasionally attend in-person events with other members of the group and Ian. This group helps me keep success and growth in my sights. I am constantly growing and learning more about myself because of this group.

If this doesn't show my commitment to personal growth and excellence, then I'm not sure what will.